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Should Owners Be Allowed to Choose Their Tenants?

Updated: Apr 14

Unfortunately, the answer is no. It is understandable that an owner would like to have the “perfect” tenant renting and caring for their property, but the pitfalls of liability far outweigh the benefit of having selected their own tenant. There are many reasons why owners should not be involved in choosing the tenants for their rental property. Listed below are the 5 main reasons why the Aborn Powers Property Management Team should qualify applicants and why it is never a good idea to allow owners to choose their tenant. One of the main reasons owners hire Property Managers is to keep them in compliance with the ever-changing laws and protect them from potential lawsuits. Most Property owners do not have knowledge of the Fair Housing Laws in California. Many owners will not know how to navigate the laws regarding an applicant who has a service animal or a disability. Owners who are emotionally attached to their rental property are usually the ones who want to choose their tenants, unfortunately this practice has potential for discrimination and lawsuits. Aborn Powers has a specific rental criterion we follow, and we treat all applicants the same when qualifying them as a tenant. This protects us and our owners from potential lawsuits. We keep ourselves educated in the latest Federal, State and Local laws to protect ourselves and our owners. 5 reasons why Aborn Powers should qualify tenants?

  1. We do not Discriminate – We treat every applicant the same

  2. We have a legal team to advise us on potential issues

  3. We know the difference between Service Animals and Pets

  4. We are staying up to date on Federal, State and Local Laws

  5. Owners are too emotionally attached to their property

Let us do our job and find you qualified tenants for your rental property.

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